Different Types of Asphalt Repair

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Asphalt repair is an essential component for keeping your property’s pavement looking and performing at its best. Making the proper repairs will extend the life of your pavement, saving you money in the long run.

Asphalt repairs come in four main varieties: surface patching, removal and replacement (peel & pave), full depth patching and thermal repair. Each has its own advantages that make them suitable for different pavement issues.

Surface Area Patching

Surface area patching is a budget-friendly alternative to cutting out and replacing damaged asphalt, offering minor repairs on small areas at minimal expense. Unfortunately, this solution tends to be temporary in nature and only works on certain types of damages.

Patching involves removing the top layer of asphalt and adding a new one on top. Tack coating or grinding may be necessary to improve adhesion between the new asphalt layer and its existing base.

It is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s directions for allowing time for the asphalt repair to cure properly. Otherwise, your new repair could become compromised due to adverse weather conditions.

Once a patch has been applied, it is essential to sweep the work area thoroughly to eliminate any loose material that could pose a safety hazard or become an obstruction in traffic. Crews also trim the edges of patches in order to protect them and give the roadway an even appearance.

Full-Depth Patching

Surface repairs only address the top layer of asphalt, while full-depth patching repairs pavement damage that extends deep within it. This type of repair may be recommended when the foundation of an asphalt pavement has been compromised or to reinforce damaged areas.

Full-depth patches are often employed for driveway and parking lot repair projects due to their permanent nature, making them a great option in high traffic areas that could otherwise require replacement of pavement. Not only that, but full-depth patches also extend the life of your pavement by up to 50%.

Pavement deterioration and damage are unfortunately common on roads and driveways, so the best way to prevent them is by fixing them as soon as they appear. That’s why hiring an asphalt professional to patch up ruts and cracks as soon as they appear is so important.

Patching asphalt is a relatively straightforward task that can be done year-round. Just make sure to adhere to these basic guidelines:

Full-Depth Replacement

Full-depth replacement is a more involved method of asphalt repair than surface area patching, involving the removal of the entire slab down to its base and replacement with new material.

Full depth repairs are recommended when the pavement has severe damage and deterioration, or when a permanent structural enhancement (like an overlay) is necessary. They can enhance rideability and structural integrity of existing pavement while extending its service life.

Additionally, full-depth repairs can be used to correct corner breaks and slabs with more than one intersecting crack. These types of damage indicate support issues and a lack of structural strength.

Before beginning a pavement project, it is essential to determine whether the existing substrate and soils can support the new pavement structure. These factors can be determined through past experience as well as geotechnical studies.

Thermal Repair

The thermal repair process is one of the most sustainable and economical solutions for asphalt problems. It can fix potholes, cracks, and utility hole covers without causing scaling, burning or separating the asphalt from its aggregate source.

This method involves heating the damaged asphalt area to around 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 -10 minutes. The time can vary based on the severity, season, and existing aggregate content.

Once the asphalt has been heated, a rejuvenator is added to replenish oils that have been lost due to age and oxidation. Following, raking is done to remove loose aggregates and then regrading is completed.

The repair can be applied quickly, making it an ideal option for commercial and residential pavements. Furthermore, since fewer workers and resources are necessary, this method proves much more cost-effective than other solutions.

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