Site Preparation

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We start every project with the same goal. To build a good foundation with our clients, and to provide the best possible results on time and within budget. Site prep is literally where this process begins. Before the installation of any asphalt parking lot, driveway or building structure, the site has to be properly prepared to ensure proper drainage and to verify soil make-up and compaction.


Grading & Earthwork

Grading is the process of making a slope or base level for different construction projects such as a foundation for a building, parking lot, road or surface drainage.

A well graded base surface ensures proper water drainage and a solid foundation for an extended life.

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Water Retention Basins

Retention basins are a good management practice to control stormwater runoff and prevent pooling, flooding and erosion of pavement. Water is diverted into the basin after a storm and held there until it is absorbed into the soil.

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Patterson Paving is a full service company that provides concrete products in conjunction with our site preparation and paving projects for our clients.

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