The Benefits of Hiring a Paving Company

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Paving companies like Patterson Paving specialize in the creation and repair of pavement surfaces like roads, sidewalks and concrete floors, providing homeowners and businesses alike with services they can count on to create new surfaces or renovate existing ones.

Paving companies use various pieces of large machinery in their work. This may include paving machines, excavators and tamping equipment.

Pavers in Arizona

Pavers are an increasingly popular choice in landscaping due to their durability and beauty, but require expert installation and ongoing care for optimum performance.

Step one is finding a paving company that fits within your budget and meets all of your needs. Reliable options may be found by reaching out to local landscapers and contractors and seeking their recommendations; or checking online reviews about each paving company to see what past customers thought.

Ask potential paving contractors about their experience paving in the area you want paved, as well as previous similar projects they may have completed. Hiring an experienced contractor will guarantee high-quality work that lasts.

Consideration should also be given to the type of material being used. You have many paver choices such as concrete and natural stone; bricks also come in an assortment of colors and styles for you to consider.

These materials are the most widely used paving options, offering durability, resistance to fading and cracking, easy cleaning and maintenance requirements, and are affordable to maintain.

Some materials are permeable, allowing water to pass through them freely and helping prevent the evaporation of groundwater in hot weather. This type of protection also helps ensure ground water doesn’t evaporate through direct contact.

Manufactured concrete pavers offer more cost-effective and quicker installation solutions than quarried stones, with uniform sizes, textures and colors making for easier installation and staying cool in sunlight even when dark-toned.

Pavers are typically constructed using molded concrete mixed with aggregate. Some designs even resemble natural stones in appearance. Furthermore, pavers are extremely strong and durable while some feature interlocking patterns to increase versatility.

Before installing new pavers, a paving company will remove the old surface and prepare its foundation, including clearing away loose soil or grass and excavating a base that will support them.

As part of their installation process, your paving company will lay down a slightly sloped gravel base and layer of sand to help facilitate water runoff. The depth of these layers depends on their intended use; typically driveways and walkways should have at least an inch thick layers.

Sealcoating Arizona

Sealcoating asphalt involves applying sealant that forms an impenetrable barrier against water, oil, and salt penetration, thus helping protect its base layer from damage while prolonging its lifespan by slowing aging processes.

Seal coating is often seen on driveways and parking lots, although its use can extend to any surface that requires extra protection. Benefits of seal coating can include increasing longevity of surfaces by filling cracks, protecting from rainwater damage and sun deterioration and improving curb appeal.

Before beginning sealcoating, make sure that the asphalt surface is free from dirt or debris; this will enable the sealant to adhere effectively with pavement surfaces.

An important consideration when hiring a paving company is selecting an experienced and reputable firm. Unscrupulous contractors may use subpar sealants or spray the job too quickly, leading to early surface break-down and shortening its lifespan.

Reputable paving contractors possess all of the equipment needed to complete any task efficiently and professionally, including quality brushes, squeegees, or sprayers. In addition, they will offer expert guidance during application of their services.

Sealcoating an asphalt driveway or parking lot is an economical and long-term cost-cutting way to keep it looking brand new, and make your property more appealing to tenants and customers.

Before permitting vehicle traffic onto a newly sealed surface, wait at least eight hours after its application – or 24 hours post completion to make sure the sealer has set enough so you can drive over it safely without damaging it.

Seal coats are typically composed of bituminous or acrylic liquid formulas designed to restore oils and binder in asphalt surfaces, providing it with its classic deep black hue, filling small cracks for an even surface, as well as providing protection from weather, road salt, UV radiation or any other source. Seal coatings also act as protective layers against damage from weather events or UV radiation exposure, protecting it against further deterioration.

Paving Repairs Arizona

Professional paving companies possess the necessary equipment and experience to repair asphalt surfaces properly, not only saving you money but also protecting your investment by prolonging its life and increasing its longevity. Repairing asphalt properly not only saves you money but can help protect it against further wear-and-tear.

One of the primary services a paving company can provide you is identifying any issues with your pavement that could cause costly repairs in the future. If asphalt cracks easily, failure to address early may lead to larger alligator cracks forming which eventually rip apart its surface and require costly repairs.

Drainage is another key aspect to consider. A professional paving company knows exactly how to design and lay down a base that promotes optimal drainage, helping your driveway or other surface last for many years to come.

A quality paving company should also possess the skill and expertise necessary to remove and replace aged or damaged asphalt surfaces with stronger material, often by completely stripping away and replacing all layers of old asphalt with fresh pavement.

Contractors using this process begin by excavating the area in need of repair, then prepare it for patching by sanding, applying tack coat, placing DOT approved hot mix asphalt, compacting it using either rollers or vibratory plate compactors, then rolling or vibratory plate compactors to achieve seamless adhesion with surrounding areas.

Paving companies can not only repair existing pavement, but can also install new pavement that will enhance your business’s aesthetic appeal. A contractor will be able to match up the right color and texture of asphalt with your current materials for an end product that pleases both customers and employees alike.

A great paving company should also offer repairs that may be required due to root damage, chemical spills or simply wear and tear. They use quality materials for your job so that repairs can be completed efficiently and correctly.

Paving and Asphalt Maintenance Phoenix AZ metro area

Pavement is an integral component of daily life: We drive on it, walk on it, shop on it, park on it, bike on it — and no genius is required to understand that smooth, level and well-kept pavement makes for more enjoyable usage!

Maintaining your paved surfaces can be a time consuming and often tedious process that’s best left to experts. At Asphalt Maintenance, our specialists are fully capable of handling everything from small repairs to major construction projects and beyond. In addition, we also offer complete pavement maintenance services including sealcoating, parking lot striping and snow removal.

So if you’re searching for the best paving company available, give us a call now and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team! To keep your property hazard-free during a paving job, our services employ different methods such as clearing away fallen leaves, pet waste, debris and dirt removal and using high-tech equipment that ensures everything gets done on schedule and correctly.

Asphalt Maintenance’s experienced paving professionals know exactly how to take advantage of every situation to give your property the look and lasts years longer than its counterpart. So don’t hesitate if your property requires new paving. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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